Diamonds is a poem by Huda Jaaber, about a possession that is not a possession at all, but the prized love one could ever wish for. I pushed and pushed for her to allow me to publish this one because the focus of this piece is so dear to us that it is beyond words. Kudos to the author! To all readers… value what you have while it is still here. We all have our DIAMONDS.

                                                                                    “Diamonds are a GIRLS’ best friend

By: Huda Jaaber

 There is a Diamond I carry in my palm; the force of her presence is ever so calm. She brightly shines, refusing to be confined. She whispers to me; all she needs is love, and a gentle touch; it doesn’t take much. She pleases me and I please her. I shine her carefully every day, with a special touch. I carry the diamond everywhere I go; hoping that she never goes. She keeps me safe and warm, and gives me a confidence; I have never known. One day “my Diamond” chipped, she ensured me problems like this can be fixed. I did as my diamond told; hoping our only separation would be in her growing old. The chip seemed fixed; only a temporary situation. Every year no matter how many times the jeweler repaired her, summer deteriorated “my diamond”. “Diamonds are forever”!

“My diamond” was special, rare, and magical unlike any other diamond; she could speak, “Diamonds are forever”? The last summer “my diamond” and I spent together she whispered “Life is not always as we plan for it to be”. I begin to cry

“Diamonds are forever”!!

 Cancer chipped away “my diamond” each summer, until one summer morning I woke up next to “my diamond” slipping out the palm of my hand. I tried to catch it, but all the pieces were chipped away. The shine was gone, no whispers, and no glare from the sunlight. My mother “Diamond” was gone. “Diamonds are forever”? , she is still in my heart.

“Diamonds are a girls’ best friend”!!!




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