Saudia J – Whispers

Saudia J is an artist who I have known all my life (my sister) — someone who has inspired and infuriated many in the exhibition of her remarkable talents. I am one who is not only inspired but grateful for her music, spirit, and person, as she is one of — if not the most — direct reasons why I am involved in music today. Exceptionally gifted as a singer, songwriter, and performer, this artist has ascended to the heights of hit-maker and even movie star, albeit on a an independent level, on sheer work ethic and talent. This is one of my most beloved singles and a premier effort from the soundtrack for the upcoming movie “The Right to Live”. Whispers are sometimes all you need to hold you down… and this song succeeds in doing just that. TeamSaja! Leggo! Oops, was I supposed to whisper that?



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