The Spectrums Project


This describes a project in the making for 3 years now. I began working on my solo effort in 2009 after collaborating with my cousin, G.I. Jaaber, for our collaborative album, The Jaabernauts “Industrial Revolution” — much of which has yet to be heard by the greater public. It was that summer that we established ourselves as the centerpieces of the ALLSMiLES team as far as the artists were concerned. One element that clearly stood out was my diverse approach to each song, each, hook, each concept. Producers and casual visitors alike, noticed that I had a knack for lyricism, melodic notes, and hook-writing respectively. My own self-awareness and the consensus amongst observers, convinced me to pursue a solo project in concurrence with my many collaborations — one that encapsulated and properly stated my ability to cover the whole gamut — thus you have… Spectrums.

In the construction of such a complex project, I have fluctuated between releasing the first composition as a mix tape or album, saw friendships and collaborations disintegrate, personal favorites get pushed aside for new ones, and even name changes to the album itself. Ultimately, I have decided to take the mix tape route and simply title this 2012 culmination as “Spectrums – The Project”; because like with any building process, it is quite the developmental task. I’ve enlisted the talents of some amazing indies such as Saudia J., a literal singing sensation; the rapper and poetically just G.I. Jaaber;  rapper Mike Mess; producer/musician Chris Miz; rapper/producer Lou Monoti; fellow Blue Emo artist Blogzworth Wordsmith and more. Much of the production will be that of TROP Beats, with whom I am also collaborating on a strictly themed, melodic and atmospheric hip-hop project, yet to be named, but belonging to the Spectrums catalogue nonetheless.

Expect the first chapter in the Spectrums saga to be released in December of this year. The production is money, the content is extraordinary, and the atmosphere is other-worldly… much like the artist who created it. There is, however, the daunting obstacle of overcoming the stallings of those whom you depend on. Studio sessions must be fulfilled as promised, album artwork completed, and the ever-elusive collaborators captured long enough to put forth their contributions. If these components to a near-perfect project are obtained, then there should be no delay in giving the public a product that is sorely needed and long overdue.
Still in production, “Spectrums – The Project” figures to be one of the most original, nostalgic, powerful, and intoxicating musical experiences made available to the listening public — and this is just the mix tape! I can only hope that I am able to manifest this wish and meet the lofty goals I have set forth. It is that much more possible with your help and support! Thanks for following this blog, and my journey. I shall keep you posted. Stay tuned!
Prime Minis,
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