Update: Prime Minis Live at Dolce’s


Change of plans folks!!! My apologies for the last minute adjustments, but the venue has been changed! The new spot is DOLCE LOUNGE, 17 BROAD STREET ELIZABETH, NJ.

Doors open at 8pm. Performance begins at 11pm.

Ladies free all night.

Fellas $10 at the door.

Drink and bottle specials all night!

Password: “I’m here for the show”

SPECTRUMS is a movement — come be a part of it! This show will be orchestrated by yours truly and you Prime Minis maniacs will be the focus. Be on the lookout for the debut of my new collective “The Union” — a team of diverse individuals, chock full of talent, ready to take over the world! It’s gonna be a party, it’s gonna be an event, most of all it’s gonna be EPIC! Mark your calendars and clear the date. I look forward to seeing you there! Thanks for the support in advance. I got you. – Prime Minis


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