Prime Minis – Are You Okay

Filmed on location in Elizabeth (Eastwick), New Jersey — at the crib and on the waterfront — “Are You Okay” is one of the more popular, personal songs in the Prime Minis catalogue. It gained enough positive response when performed live that I had to do a video for it. I even get to play the piano! Shout out to all who participated in it’s filming (like 8 different directors lol), and to those who can relate to the real issues about which I speak.  I opened up the vault and pulled out some classic material to launch this site — most of which has not been heard by the greater public. As a hip-hop artist, it is important to show your versatility, so I am morphing into a different genre all together. “Are You Okay” is a sample of what I call Blue Emo, yet it is still introspective, reflective hip-hop. Next week we’ll have “D’Bizarre” — a track I had an awesome time recording and even wilder time filming.  #B.O.L.O. [Co-Directed and Edited by Jaleel Jaaber]

2 responses to “Prime Minis – Are You Okay

  1. “Hard as a Klondike stuck in the freezer”
    This song is dope!! Real personal and all your talents shine at the same time here! Really loving your style!

    • Appreciate that, Rhee! You even learned some lyrics! That’s awesome. I gotta make something strictly for the fans and friends like yourself. Coming soon – “The Rhee Factor” 😉

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