There’s Huda


On this day in 1980, in the center of the universe, a star was born.

Not because she was famous, but because she burned bright, and strong,

shining above all.

The name of this star was HUDA, meaning to be rightly guided

so when ever this star was sighted, people followed right behind it

If you looked for more than a glance there was a chance you might be blinded

by her beauty and her grace, when she paced it was like she glided

When she danced it’s like she floated, her soul too advanced to hide it

if there was a story to be told, then her hands would be chosen to write it

When life would drag us down, she would elevate despite it

and if ever there was a war, she wouldn’t hesitate to fight it

I’ve never seen anything like it, my sister was the best!

family member, friend or companion, a rebel in the flesh

I doubt I’ll meet anyone one like her in this life or in the next

I just wish I took the time, to tell her that before she left

See. Recently, she returned to the skies

though her presence still remains, too eternal to die

Some nights I sit alone in my room just to cry

because when you lose your best friend then on whom do you rely?

Every thought I manifest, every move that I make

from my clothes to my music, I think of what Huda would say

When I’m sad who will ask if I’m doing ok?

without her light there is no path therefore I’m losing my way

Then Saudi holds my hand and, I am quickly reminded

that we 4 are 1 and never to be divided

Huda is here! Huda is here!

Huda never ran, cuz Huda’s never scared

Huda took a stand, cuz Huda had no fears

Huda is a legend, cuz Huda was so rare

Huda saw you broke then Huda always shared

Huda was ya close friend cuz Huda always cared

Huda is your family, Huda’s on your team

Huda knew your plans and, Huda knew your dreams

Huda made you laugh and Huda made you scream

that’s Huda Bint Ali Jaaber, Huda Mustaqim

Huda was a queen, deserving of a palace

though she wasn’t perfect she brought the perfect balance

Attitude for days but would love you for life

with words that massaged you or cut like a knife

True to her Zodiac, a Lioness hunts

and a Lioness gets what a Lioness wants

I just stood aside in awe of her awesome performance

body so petite with a heart so enormous

She’s my she-ro! Cuz she rose to any and all occasions

reunited with my Mother just to form a constellation

So remember when you stare into the cosmos tonight

there’s a party in heaven, just follow, the light


– Adeeb JaaberIMG_0890

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